Communication is the key (non-violent/connecting)

Hello guys! This is my first blog… so bear with me, it’s not going to be perfect in the beginning… but I’ll certainly improve gradually over the years. There’s one interesting experience I had that I wanted to share with you guys. Since this is my first blog, I want to take this opportunity!

During the weekend of 25th- 26th of January my family and I were invited to this workshop session which was taught by a family friend, it’s about non-violent communication or communicating connectively. It was a two-day workshop. It’s very intense but interesting to learn the ‘know-how’ to react in certain circumstances or situations you’re in, it doesn’t matter if it’s in your workplace, school or in a relationship. I love the fact that there was no only theory but also the practical part added to it. We’ve been taught all types of methodologies to use to integrate in our daily lives. It helped us to be aware of our feelings and needs, so we can be able to respond or react in a composed and empathic way when we’re confronted with remarks from people in general. It gave me another look at myself… I’m usually not always open about my feelings and not always aware of my needs. Especially in the world we live in we tend to reply in an aggressive or straightforward way without taking the time to think before we reply.

At the end of this session each one of us had to explain what we did learn from this workshop and share each other’s needs and explain why we find these needs very important to us. The one important need I chose was ‘inspiration’. The reason why I chose it is because this session has inspired me to use this methodology: non-violent communication to integrate in my thesis or in my practical field as a volunteer. Especially for interaction between people with migration background and the local people. I found it interesting to know our boundaries and how to accept differences without judgement. We all have the same needs, but it’s not always easy to know what need each person experience at present. Communicating while respecting each other’s needs and feelings can have an impact on how we look at strangers. We tend to judge easily, that’s why this workshop is very useful to learn how to manage our way of communicating and go beyond our judgements.

I have to admit it was very intense and quite challenging but it was worth the try. 😀 🙂

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