Knowledge is like a baobab tree; no one can encompass it with their hands.”- African proverb

Nobody knows everything, but everybody knows something.“- African proverb

“Doing things outside my comfort zone, discovering new things is my new motto. I’m exploring cultural identities and borders between cultural groups. How society deals with diversity and integration within each country. Those are the main topics I’m very passionate about to improve my knowledge and understanding.”

Keda Hillé

“No matter what circumstances we find ourselves in, we can always choose hope. Hope for a better future can help us see our current difficulties as temporary evils.” – Mungi Ngomane

Granddaughter of Archbishop Desmond Tutu (Book: Everyday Ubuntu: Living better together, the African way)

I want to invite you guys to explore all types of interesting topics about integration, migration, diversity, etc. through reading books, experiences, and the knowledge I have gained up to now.

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  1. Excellent initiatief, schat!

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