About Me

Hi guys! Let me try to introduce myself briefly… I’m Keda Hillé, I am a child of two cultures. I was born in Belgium, my mother is Flemish and when I was seven years old, I moved to Cameroon where I lived for eight years. Afterwards, I came back to Belgium with my family to continue my studies. So I’m really familiar with both cultures. I also have a lot of empathy with refugees and immigrants because I experienced at first hand how difficult it is to be accepted in this society. During my childhood I lived in Douala, Cameroon and I experienced what it’s like to deal with people living in poverty. This has had a big influence on me and I want to do something with it. I used to do volunteer work for charity and nonprofit organisations. I had to help out families from Iraq, Afghanistan, etc. to integrate in our society. I’m in touch with different cultures and meeting up with people from different backgrounds has given me the opportunity to broaden my social network from people around the world. I wrote my thesis about ‘How can society promote the integration of immigrants to live in harmony with native families?’. I would like to share my perspective and knowledge with you. I’ll share my thoughts on books, articles and reports I’ve read and that I find interesting. So I hope these topics will remain interesting enough to share your vision and experiences with me. Please feel free to share whatever you know or experienced. So I’m definitely open to hearing yours! 😀


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