Black History Month Belgium (BHM) 2022

Yes, here I am! I am back to writing my blogs! ❤

March is a month of Black History Month here in Belgium, which takes place later after the USA. I have always had a passion for anything related to African history/cultures/entertainment etc. I am very proud that my brother and his friend have started a new podcast together which is called Men Talk Too Instagram page: I really recommend you check out their website, their podcasts talk about all different topics related to men’s mental health, which is taboo among men.

I am very excited to announce that Men Talk Too will collaborate with Black Men Sharing – they will be talking about Redefining success for black men, it is part of the program at Black History Month in Brussels. It will take place on Thursday 17-03-2022.

The restriction for COVID-19 in Belgium eases on Monday 07-03-2022, allowing us to participate in events without showing COVID Safe Ticket and wearing face masks. How relieved it is to hear such news! But strange that they decide to lift all the strict regulations during the conflict going on between Ukraine and Russia… Anyway, that is another story. Finally, the events (nightclubs, etc.) will be open again at normal hours! This is quite a relief for event organizers and or the public.

I am willing to attend one of the events that will soon take place in Antwerp on the weekends of 11 – 13/03/2022, they will host a book fair focusing on black literature and oral traditions. If you are interested to check the whole program, I invite you to check out their website: I have always been interested in reading books by African or African American authors. I do see that thanks to Black History Month, more and more Black authors are getting recognition and that the representation of black success authors is also increasing over the years.

So if anyone living in Belgium is keen on going to the Bookfair with me, everyone is welcome to join (anyone who is a bookworm or not 😛 )! Believe me… although I like to read books, I’m not a fanatic book reader… 😀 but I am starting to read books that are still in my collection. I have a lot of catching up to do!

As I am typing this blog, I have just ordered two books written by well-known black authors. The stories deal with colonialism, racism, Atlantic Slave Trade, etc. I will normally receive them within one or two working days! I can’t wait, I can’t contain my excitement! ❤

2 responses to “Black History Month Belgium (BHM) 2022”

  1. Thanks Keda for this very interesting follow-up. Congratulations for everything you did and achieved till now and I hope to see each other on July 9, 2022 during our African Garden Party with many friends! XXX

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    1. Hi Marleen, sorry for the long late reply! Thank you so much, for taking the time to read my blog. I hope to see you again soon! 🙂 I will start with my blog again very soon!


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