My journey so far in Uganda

Hey everyone!

The long silence is broken out!

Due to my busy schedule I was not able to be consistent with my blog. It took me a while for me to sit down and start writing… I have a lot of catching up to do regarding my updates of my journey.

It is really getting closer to the end of my internship period in Lira. I first want to give you a quick overview of the rest of my travels and visits from some friends 🙂 I will keep this brief. Due to the amount of pressure with all the deadlines I have to meet… It was almost impossible for me to really start writing blogs. So, I will summarise them all below!

List of Activities/Touristic sightseeing/Parcs:

Gulu, Baker’s Fort/Fort Patiko (27/02 – 28/02)

I went to Gulu together with my partner to do some sightseeing. We stayed there for two days. We decided to learn some History about this place which is not really known, it is located in a remote area of Gulu. It was quite a journey to reach that place. But beside all this, it was worth a visit! A history that left a huge mark in the Northern region of Uganda. I would definitely recommend that place!

Kapchorwa, Sipi Falls (6/03 – 8/03)

Sipi Falls was one of my favorite places to visit in Uganda. It is located in Eastern Uganda in the district if Kapchorwa, North East of Sironko and Mbale. I was mesmerised by the beauty of the landscapes. My partner and I, we did some hiking at the waterfalls, then we got the opportunity to visit the Arabica Coffee plantation. We got to experience the making of coffee in the local way! I’m not much of a coffee fan, but after tasting it, I enjoyed the raw smoothest taste of coffee beans. It was quality! Just looking back on those moments I just can’t have enough of this! I cannot recommend this place enough! Should really try visit this place!

Murchison Falls (29/03 – 31/03)

I had the privilege of visiting Murchison Falls with my fellow friend and her partner. It was so much fun to make this trip with them! The landscapes, the animals, the birtds, the waterfalls, etc. it will stay deep in my memory. We did several activities in one day: game drive, boat ride, walk through the falls, bird watching…. It was a bit tiring to do all of them in one day but it was worth it! I was enchanted by its beauty. Although, there were some challenges along the way like crossing a bridge because the boat that carries cars from one area to another is broken, so we had to rent a tourist car to do the game drive, which cost us a little more. All in all, it was a great experience. I definitely want to go back again!

Jinja, the Source of the Nile (2/04 – 5/04)

I organized a trip to Jinja with a group of other Belgian students. It was the only place where we could all meet. We had done fun and adventure activities like water rafting, tubing, boat trip, visit to the Source of the Nile, night tour in Jinja (entertainment), etc. We were lucky to have a nice person from the tourist industry who offered us options and helped us in organizing our activities and at the same time drove us through Jinja all weekend. Thanks to my partner who helped me to connect with him. We decided to meet all the students from different parts of Uganda. We booked a holiday home for all of us and spent pleasant moments together.

Jinja is a city in southeastern Uganda and is known for the source of the Nile, which flows from Lake Victoria. In the local Baganda the area is called “the stones”, which in Luganda is “Mayinja”. That’s where the name “Jinja” comes from. John Hanning Speke was the first European to lay eyes the Source of the Nile during the British settlement. Then there is the bridge, known as the Source of the Nile Bridge, built across the Nile, which connects the city of Njeru to Jinja.

Lira, Got Ngetta Rock (04/05 – 06/05)

Got Ngetta Rock is a beautiful solid rock at 4,500 ft sea level. It is located on the outskirts of the city of Lira. Got Ngetta Rock was said to be the beautiful treasure of Lira. The Luo word for Got Ngetta: ‘the rock that was broken down’. Legend has it that the community woke up to the sight of a terrifying rock.

You will have the chance to have a beautiful panoramic view of Lira. I had the privilege of receiving visitors, fellow Belgian students from Kampala and Fort Portal, here in Lira. I am grateful to spend those fun and crazy moments together. They had the chance to visit some areas of Lira while I was doing my internship. Climbing this rock with them was an amazing experience!

4 responses to “My journey so far in Uganda”

  1. Apollo Taremwa avatar
    Apollo Taremwa

    This is absolutely amazing!

    Let lake bunyonyi,kabale southwestern Uganda, be your next destination!

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    1. Thank you! Sorry for the long late reply!.. I really appreciate for taking the time to read my blog 🙂


  2. Marleen Van Echelpoel avatar
    Marleen Van Echelpoel

    Hello my dear Keda, What gorgious experiences you have the chance to discover!!!! XXX

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    1. Hello Marleen, thank you so much for taking the time to have read my blog!!! 🙂 Xxx


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