Opening a new chapter in life

I know I haven’t been updating my blogposts regularly the past couple of months… In the months of July and August I have been very busy with my thesis and work that it was difficult to combine all of it. Even though I need to start to be more consistent with it, I need to try harder this time, this is no excuse!

Let me give you some short updates about me during the month of September.

In the month of September I travelled together with my brother, his girlfriend and his girlfriend’s sister to Corfu, a Greek Island not far from Albania, we stayed there for 10 days. Since the whole pandemic it’s been a while that we have taken a proper summer break. Of course we respected the regulations with the social distancing and facemasks when we were in crowded areas. I would love to share a couple of the pictures I took during this amazing trip. I was mesmerized by the beauty of this Island, we managed to book a very cheap flight ticket. It was worth booking the trip. We went to swim in different beaches, visited museums and monuments, went for a walk and cruised to some parts of the island. We had an amazing sight seeing by car.

At first I was quite sceptical of going because zones can easily change color. I wasn’t sure whether the situation might get worse once we arrive there and it will change from yellow/orange to red zone. That could affect our vacation plans. Luckily the cases didn’t get worse. So we were able to go visit so many places and I’m happy I ended up going there.

On the same day of my arrival in Belgium, I received my results later in the evening. I graduated that day and I’m going to get my diploma soon! It was an achievement, my vacation ended well with me being an alumni for my former college university, despite the circumstances we’re in.

After graduating, I immediately decided to open up a new chapter and signed up for a new degree. It’s an advanced bachelor degree: ‘international cooperation for north-south relations’, I can study it for one year. After graduating as a bachelor of family sciences. I decided to use my knowledge and experiences abroad. It’s a unique opportunity to broaden my knowledge, experiences and develop my professional skills. It’s also an advantage for my CV to work abroad which has always been my goal: to work at an NGO or a non-profit organisation abroad or an organisation for refugees. It’s always been my dream to work for people in vulnerable situations. I’m the type of person who dares to go outside my comfort zone to take challenges. It’s going to be an exciting academic year with an internship abroad for 6 months. I did an internship abroad in Costa Rica two years ago but it was only for 2 months. This time it will be completely new, so I can’t wait to see how it all takes place!

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  1. Marleen Van Echelpoel avatar
    Marleen Van Echelpoel

    Hello Keda, Thanks for the great news! In this ways we can follow you a little bit. Congratulations with your bachelor degree and good luck with your advanced bachelor degree! Iā€™m very proud on our first gorgeous buddy in Lille! I look forward to your further news where you heading for!

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    1. Hello Marleen šŸ™‚ I really appreciate you took the time to read my blog. You’re welcome! Thank you! I would also like to thank for your support again. It’s really a privilege to meet you too. You’ll certainly be updated for my next journey!


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