Reconnecting with myself

Last week I joined in the 5-day transformation challenge created by my dear friend. She’s a Therapeutic Life Art Coach.

After that challenge I feel sooo much better now! I didn’t even imagine that in this short periode my mindset would be transformed drastically. I was in such a down mood at first because of this lock-down, my grandfather’s death, social distancing and this whole change of routine had so much effect on my mindset. During this whole challenge I was so surprised that I was able to reconnect with myself by doing some art activities combined with yoga, affirmations, gratitudes, journalling and meditation. It really helped me understand my emotions and feelings a bit more. Especially in life in general and the future.

Even though my artistic skills were not on point I have to say… but at least I still tried and executed my own art. It was very relaxing and fun to do! So I decided after the 5-day challenge to continue using some of the activities she proposed which really helped.

I’m usually not the type to go out for a walk all by myself, but I’ve started to do this often to take some fresh air and to sort out my thoughts. It really helped me feeling more relaxed and enjoying the moment. I’m so priviledged that we have a parc and a forest nearby. I’m not a jogging person, I rather go for a walk and do my workouts at home.

I think I need to do this more often even after the lockdown.

I have been coping with a lot of stress and anxiety for a period of time. I must say it’s not easy but I’m managing to do some extra relaxation. It’s an overwhelming process with all the sleepless nights… even though I have to admit I don’t always stick with my morning and night routines at times. I try to remind myself to do these things that are important for my mental wellbeing.

Writing poems has always been my thing. Nowadays I have been writing down poems for people who are very dear to me. I know I’m not the best at keeping contacts with people… But I do try my best keeping up with people closer to me. It’s refreshing and overwhelming to see how much support I’ve received from everyone. That’s why I want to give something back to them. It’s also a way to show them how much they mean to me. Willing to surprise them and empower them that way regardless of the distance is a reminder that they’re not being forgotten.

It’s strange after so many years not doing the things I used to love and going back to it again made me feel so nostalgic. Back in the days I had so much fun making poems for myself and writing down journals about my adventures in Cameroon and other places I travelled to…

It’s crazy how time flies so quickly. I’ve been really all over the place recently, I do have a chaotic mind so I really need structure to accomplish things that I need to do.

So don’t worry everyone, we all experience some setbacks and down moments. It’s a process that may take some time. It’s human to feel the way we feel, you’re not alone in this! I can reassure you that we’re all in this together and we can only move forward! 🙂

Yet I do feel like after this lockdown would be uplifted I hope to at least do some stuff that could benefit my research for my thesis and blog.

I really want to continue sharing some of the things I discover by going to events and workshops. Unfortunately it’s not yet guaranteed when the events will happen again.

For now I can only wait and see, safety goes first! This is going to take some time before things go back to normal again… We can only embrace the moment! ❤ 🙂

7 responses to “Reconnecting with myself”

  1. helloflorianeama avatar

    Giiiirl! I’m so happy that you joined my challenge and that you got so much out of it! This is exactly why I do what I do! Love you hun ❤️

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    1. Yess girl! you have no idea how much taking part of your challenge had so much impact on my mental wellbeing in a positive way! It was a nice and fun experience! I’ll definitely show you some of my creativity very soon! 😉 you did a great job guiding us throughout this challenge. You’ve been a great coach, I’m sure you’ll continue to be of service to other people! ❤ Thank you again girl!


    2. I Love you too! ❤


  2. helloflorianeama avatar

    Giiiirl!! I’m so happy that you joined my challenge and that you go so much out of it! This is exactly why I do what I do! Love you hun ❤️


  3. Good to know your mood is on the up. Thanks for sharing your experience. May your grandad’s soul rest in peace.

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    1. Thank you.
      It was quite a roller-coaster, but slowly things will get better soon.
      You’re welcome. Glad you enjoyed reading it.
      Cheers! 🙂

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  4. It’s always good to hear about feeling better, moving on, and looking forward. Cheers to that. May your grandfather rest in peace and may you connect more with yourself and shower some joy in this already sorrowful world. Cheers!! And have a great day!!

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