Family support and care

It’s been a difficult period for me and my whole family. On Monday the 6th of April, my grandfather passed away in an unexpected way. He was dealing with the virus for 2 weeks. My aunt and my two cousins who are living in his home, they have supported him a lot regarding his health, housechores and in the garden. They did a wonderful job to keep us updated about his condition. He was basically recovering until he relapsed. First we saw him recovering and moving around in his garden, he was looking a bit weak. The day after, on Monday, the unexpected news came, it happened in the morning…

At least he passed away in his own home in the arms of his daughter… Once we heard the news we immediately left to say our last goodbye to him before they took his body. It was a beautiful and an emotional moment with the whole family together. On the day of my grandfather’s death we even witnessed a beautiful rainbow very close to his home and there was no rain which is rare to find. This was the most memorable moment with everyone of us to see it from up-close. The beauty of this gave me a feeling of reassurance that my grandfather is in good hands up there.

The grief we’re dealing with has been very difficult at first. The days after his death we haven’t really been eating and drinking properly. After some time we regained our strength again, because in the midst of this crisis, we should prioritize our health, but at the same time we should also take care of our mental wellbeing.

My aunt, who’s a fascia therapist, decided to give a daily online meditation before sleep for 5 or 6 days a week with some of our family members. It’s the best way to deal with trauma, stress, grief etc. After doing these sessions I started to sleep better even though there were days I couldn’t sleep well. But most of the time, thanks to this session I was able to relax my mind before sleeping. What I love about this session is that after the meditation we take the time to express wat effect the meditation had on us and what differences we feel between before and after. Getting to hear everyone’s feelings and the experiences, mental and physical, really give us an insight.

I feel like this kind of activity really helps me understand my own body and mind, so I can really communicate within myself. It brings so much calm in my chaotic and stressful mind. I feel it’s important when you can have time and space to grieve with my family. My aunt keeps asking: how are you all doing? (before the meditation). Can you share us your experience during the meditation? What effect did it have on you? Do you feel any difference? It gives us an idea which excercises during the meditation helped us to relax.

I know in the moment of grief, trauma and depression are such a taboo topics to talk about. But what I love about my family of my mum’s side is that we’re very connected in an emotional way. The way we give each other space to express our feelings is the healthiest way to sort out feelings and thoughts running through our mind. I’m so thankful and grateful for having a loving family who are always available when you need them in the most difficult times. We’ve been lifting each other up. I’ve even called some of my family members to seek support, which I normally not do.

I have been dealing with anxiety for a little while. But thanks to my dear friend who’s been giving us a 5 -day Transformation Challenge, I’ve been including this with my other meditation, which helps me feeling better than the previous days. It’s a challenge that includes creative art, journalling, meditation, yoga and other activities to help reconnect the mind and body in our daily lifestyle. It helps me to relax during this whole pandemic crisis. Today I’m on my third day of the challenge. I’m feeling amazing when I do some of them, it brings out a lot of creativity within me. I’ll definitely try to keep it up since it benefits me to manage stress, anxiety and panic attacks.

The quarantine has been going for more than a month now. It’s a very weird, tough and heavy period for all of us. This virus has especially taught me how to spend my days with what I have with the privileges we have… compared to other people whom are suffering the most financially, mentally and physically… People fighting for their lives and with the hope to recover. The ones who do recover represent a sign of hope that we can still overcome this virus. All in all we’re all in this together.

I’m still hoping and praying that this whole lockdown would be lifted up soon and hopefully we get back to our normal routine. It’s a lesson learned for all of us that we can’t take things for granted.

Stay safe and protect yourself and others. I send everyone positive energy and love. Be patient and I’m staying hopeful for the positive outcome in the future! ❤

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